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Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

Established in 2003, the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) formerly the East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), is a voluntary membership Association that brings together Trusts and Foundations in the East Africa region with the aim of promoting philanthropy. The EAPN membership is drawn from Family Trusts, Community Foundations, Corporate Foundations and other types of Grantmaking and non-grantmaking organizations interested in promoting local philanthropy in East Africa.

Our Vision
Sustainable Development in East Africa driven by vibrant philanthropy.

Our Mission
To promote local resourcing and effective grantmaking.

Our Values
• Transparency
We embrace prudent administration of resources entrusted to us; and champion open and transparent decision making, communication and feedback. We are accountable to each other, and take responsibility for all our actions.

• Integrity
We are committed to principles of trustworthiness, honesty and reliability in order to build the credibility of the Association and its members. We are guided by the EAPN governance charter (ethics).

• Social Justice
At the core of who we are, and what we do is a  deep commitment  to ensuring that all people have fair access to resources, opportunities,  rights  and  human dignity. We  respect the variety and diversity that exists in society, and promote equity and inclusion.

• Courage
We face boldly challenges, obstacles or uncertainties that come our way, rather than give up our goals or compromise for convenience or comfort. We dare to go down unchartered paths, and where necessary, challenge accepted norms openly and with confidence.

• Reciprocal Cooperation
We believe in a system approach, in which different actors complement each other’s effort to attain a shared goal. We seek to continually develop working relationships with like-minded entities with whom we relate on the basis of partnership principles of mutual respect, complementarity, reciprocity, shared value and joint learning.