Kenya Philanthropy Forum (KPF)

The Kenya Philanthropy Forum is an organized platform that brings together philanthropy institutions and individuals to interact, share and engage in efforts that promote philanthropy in Kenya. The forum further seeks to heighten recognition of the philanthropy sector in the national development agenda.

A collaborative, integrated and influential forum for Kenyan philanthropists and social investors.

A collaborative, integrated and influential forum for Kenyan philanthropists and social investors.
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• To strengthen partnerships among the philanthropy actors through building synergies and leveraging investment resources for greater impact.
• Positively engage national and county governments and other development institutions to influence public policies and proactively respond to development challenges, to enhance a favorable environment for growth and impact of philanthropy in Kenya.
• To provide institutional strengthening to philanthropy actors in program development and implementation.
• To strengthen collective research, collation of data, documentation, peer learning, sharing of information and best practices for greater influence and impact of the philanthropy sector.



• Private foundations, family foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations and faith-based giving
• Private companies with structured CSR departments
Philanthropy actors seeking membership should meet the following criteria:
- An organization is registered under the Companies or Trustees Act of Kenya.
- An organization whose core business is social investments and development work.
- An organization whose core business of the organization is non-political and non-partisan.
- An organization has a demonstrated record and commitment to social investments and development work.
- Individuals who practices philanthropy.



Working Group

Education Funders

Enhancing Philanthropy Government Collaborations: GEPE
EAPN has been keen to profile the philanthropy sector as a strategic partner in national policy processes. In line with this partnered with the UN SDG Philanthropy Platform (SDGPP), the OECD Development Centre’s Network of Foundations Working for Development (NetFWD), and the Office of the Deputy President and its Social Investment Focused Agenda (SIFA) to develop Guidelines for support philanthropy Government Partnerships. The report is informed by a study conducted by EAPN and partners in 2016 providing an overview of the current state of collaboration between foundations and the government in Kenya, and offer recommendations how best to strengthen philanthropy-public partnerships. The study’s methodology was based on the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement (“the Guidelines”) developed under the leadership of OECD Development Centres Network for Foundations Working for Development together with the Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmakers Support (WINGS), the European Foundation Centre (EFC), UNDP, Stars foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.
The Guidelines capture emerging good practices and key messages of foundtaions on how they view their relationships with government. Under the guidelines foundations identify dialogue, data and knowledge sharing, and partnerships as key pillars to strengthening their engagement with government.

Enabling Legal Environment for Philanthropy
The forum has continuous conversations on ensuring that the regulatory, legal and fiscal environment continues to facilitate the work of the philanthropy sector.

Advancing Philanthropy Data - Kenya Philanthropy Data Portal
EAPN in partnership with the Foundation Centre and through respective national philanthropy forums in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is implementing the Philanthropy Data Strategy and Capacity Building Programme that seeks to develop a collective approach to collecting and managing philanthropy data in East Africa. The ultimate goal is the development of a local Philanthropy Data System – that would regularly capture and analyze reliable data on philanthropy actors, giving trends, programme strategies, best practices and financial contributions at the national level.
Respective national philanthropy forums passed a proposal to develop a prototype that would demonstrate the potential of the proposed data system. For these EAPN and the Foundation Centre designed an online template to collect data to be fed onto the protype. Data collection is ongoing


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