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East Africa Philanthropy Awards (EAPA)


The East Africa Philanthropy Awards recognize and celebrate individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the growth of philanthropy by demonstrating innovation and leadership in advancing the culture & practice of philanthropy to addressing social challenges.

By highlighting these contributions the East Africa Philanthropy Network seeks to create awareness and culture of philanthropy while inspiring emerging philanthropy leaders. The objective of the recognition goes beyond motivating individuals and organizations to also to highlight best practices and creativity in local philanthropy.

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The Categories for the East Africa Philanthropy Awards were:-
1. East Africa Corporate Philanthropy Award
2. East Africa Community Philanthropy Award
3. East Africa Family Philanthropy Award
4. East Africa Social entrepreneurship Award
5. Jury’s Chairperson Award #EAPA2018

Parameters to be assessed
Innovation and creativity of interventions
Thought leadership in knowledge development and policy advocacy
Creativity in forging and sustaining collaborations/partnership
Unique funding and investment strategy
Responsiveness to beneficiary needs
Strategy in leveraging on community resources/philanthropy
Sustainability plan
Demonstrable impact of interventions
For established institutions – registration details, audited accounts, governance structures and tax compliance.
All nominees individual, organizations or institutions for these awards must be citizens of or have registered offices within East Africa -Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.



East Africa Corporate Philanthropy Award
This award recognizes a corporate organization or its affiliate Foundation or Trust that demonstrates commitment to philanthropy through financial support or through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement.


East Africa Social Entrepreneurship Award
This is a special award that recognizes investments/investors who to draw upon business techniques and private sector approaches to find solutions to social, cultural or environmental problems. The categories also covers investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside (or in lieu of) a financial return.


East Africa Community Philanthropy Award
This category recognizes community philanthropy organizations i.e local non-profit organizations that gather, manage and redistribute financial and other resources including time, skills and in-kind from and for the benefit of the community. Under this category, the organizations should have a strong community ownership/leadership. Community philanthropy organizations include community foundations, giving circles/communities, community based organizations and other structures of community philanthropy.


East Africa Family Philanthropy Award
The award seeks to recognize a charitable organization established and or led by a family that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to philanthropy through direct financial support and/or through volunteering their time. The family should have significant influence in the leadership and/or resourcing.


EAPN Jury Chairperson Award
This award is issued at the discretion of the jury and will be given to an individual or an organization that has exhibited extraordinary commitment in innovation and leadership in philanthropy in the region or community. The Award is not pre-defined, but must be defined by the judges during the scrutiny of the available data. No nominations will be accepted for this category.

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Previous Awards
2013 Awardees
2012 Awardees

Selection Process

The East Africa Philanthropy Awards are based on a submission and evaluation process that relies on a thorough review of each nomination against the set criteria. The evaluation process is led by a technical committee and final decision rests with a jury of 5.

Step One
All nominations received will be reviewed and if all the required information is provided, they will be processed to the next stage for evaluation. All nominations received will be acknowledged by the Awards team.

Step Two
Nominees will be invited to submit a self-assessment form through a tool that has been developed by EAPNss. Each nominee will submit a dossier of documents and evidences –one dossier separately submitted for each award listed above. The dossier will be evaluated against set criteria. The Technical Committee will assess and evaluate and shortlist three nominees from each category. The shortlisted nominees will undergo a further verification process to authenticate information provided. The Technical Committee will then submit names of the successful nominees together with the report to the jury for selection of a winner.

Step Three
Upon receiving names of successful nominees, the jury will further deliberate on the shortlisted nominees and select individuals and organizations that best exemplify leadership, excellence, creativity and commitment in promoting philanthropy from each category. The jury’s decision will be final and cannot be contested.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by an individual or organisations by filling in the online nomination form against the criteria provided. Please be as specific as possible. Nominator is encouraged to attach relevant links (to photos, videos and articles) to support the nominations.
Attach a brief of not more than ¾ background or history of the nominee organization.
The form will request for contact information whose purpose will only be used to send feedbacks and updates on the awards.

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