Tanzania Philanthropy Forum (TPF)

The Tanzania Philanthropy Forum (TPF) is a platform for foundations, trusts and philanthropists in Tanzania to enhance constructive and organized dialogue that fosters learning, sharing and an enabling environment for the growth of local philanthropy in Tanzania.
In 2015, Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) - formally East African Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), hosted the first Tanzania National Philanthropy Forum (TPF).
The objective of the forum was to understand and map the landscape of philanthropy in Tanzania and validate pathways towards having an inclusive and active national philanthropy forum. Themed ‘Working together: opportunities for strengthening Philanthropy in Tanzania’ the forum targeted locally established private philanthropic organizations, and organizations with a local presence such as private foundations, family foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations and faith-based giving among other selected CSO groups. The launch of the TPF marked an opportunity for the philanthropy community in Tanzania to come together and strengthen its voice and influence in national development processes.


• Consolidate and strengthen the voice of philanthropy in national development.
• Provide a platform for knowledge sharing and join learning for philanthropy organizations, particularly foundations and trusts.
• Creation of an organized and sustainable Philanthropy in Tanzania that can bring lasting change to communities
• Consolidating and develop reliable philanthropy data in Tanzania
• Document trends and foster best practices for philanthropy
• Strengthen philanthropy collaboration and innovation at the national level.
• Increase awareness of the value and contribution of philanthropy to national development in Tanzania by providing reliable philanthropy data.
• Collectively lobbying Government for an enabling environment for local Philanthropy in Tanzania
• Recognizing and celebrate Philanthropy in Tanzania Monitoring
• Exploring modalities for self-regulation to enhance accountability
• Creating stronger alliances at regional and international level


By targeting corporations, foundations, grantmakers, individuals, NGOs, CSOs, international organizations and other key stakeholders the forum has spearheaded inclusive dialogue and collaboration on philanthropy in Tanzania.
The TPF has begun to identify and address the key capacity and data needs of the sector, such as through mapping of philanthropy in Tanzania, creating synergies with the private sector, and continues to play a strategic leadership role in developing a collective approach to philanthropy data management in Tanzania.
The forum makes emphasis on the value of ensuring multi-stakeholder conversations between the forum members and other development stakeholders such as beneficiaries of Philanthropy, private sector, international donors with a presence in Tanzania, local and national government.



Working Group

• Philanthropy Mapping
• Data
EAPN in partnership with the Foundation Centre and through respective national philanthropy forums in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is implementing the Philanthropy Data Strategy and Capacity Building Programme that seeks to develop a collective approach to collecting and managing philanthropy data in East Africa. The ultimate goal is the development of a local Philanthropy Data System – that would regularly capture and analyze reliable data on philanthropy actors, giving trends, programme strategies, best practices and financial contributions at the national level.
Respective national philanthropy forums passed a proposal to develop a prototype that would demonstrate the potential of the proposed data system. For these EAPN and the Foundation Centre designed an online template to collect data to be fed onto the protype. Data collection is ongoing
• Peer learning

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Tanzania Philanthropy Forum Reports

Report of the First Convening.
Tanzania Scoping Report - Oct 2016.
Data Strategy Capacity Building Report.
Data Strategy and Capacity Building Report