Who we are

We are a membership Network that brings together Trusts and Foundations in the East Africa region with the aim of promoting philanthropy. Membership is drawn from Family Trusts, Community Foundations, Corporate Foundations and other types of Grantmaking and non-grantmaking organizations interested in promoting local philanthropy in East Africa.
Our Values
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We recognize that we live in a diverse world and therefore welcomeand respect all people and commit to engage with them equally.


We deliver on our commitments based on our principles of trustworthiness, honesty, fairness and reliability. Integrity is our basis for trust.

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Recipriocal Collaborati ons

 We believe in working together to create solutions to challenges we face. We treat our partners and allies with respect, fairness and integrity and expect the same in return.

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Transparency & Acc ountability

 We embrace prudent administration of resources entrusted to us; and champion open and transparent decision making,communication and feedback. We are accountable to each other and take responsibility for all our actions.

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 We boldly face challenges, obstacles or uncertainties that come our way, rather than give up our goals or compromise for convenienceor comfort. We dare to go down unchartered paths, and where necessary, challenge accepted norms openly and with confidence.

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We reckon that change is the only constant in our dynamic world, and we are therefore not content with the status quo. We understand that success can only be achieved through change.Change fosters innovation and development which are theprecursors to greatness

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