Our Story

The East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) formerly as the East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG)was established in 2003 as an association of trusts and foundations that promotes and nurtures the philanthropy practice in the region.  
The current EAPN membership is drawn from Family Trusts, Community Foundations, Corporate Foundations and other types of grant making and non-grant making organizations registered as foundations, trusts and CSO’s that operate in the region and actively engage in promoting philanthropy in East Africa.

What We Do

Strengthen the role of local philanthropy

Our core purpose is to strengthen the role and contribution of local philanthropy as a key catalyst for societal transformation in East Africa. This includes looking into the resource base, capacity, credibility and practices of various development actors as well as the extent by which the operational context is supportive of thriving local giving and effective grant making.

contribute to a thriving sustainable development ecosystem

We seek to contribute to a thriving integrated and sustainable development ecosystem, largely powered by local philanthropy and supported by an enabling philanthropy environment.

Invest in capacity development

In order to realize this change, we support philanthropy innovations and collective learning (knowledge management); we invest in capacity development of self, members and key actors (capacity development & institutional strengthening); we broker collaborative relationships (alliance building); as well as contribute to existence of an enabling environment for philanthropy to thrive and contribute to National and regional development (influencing).