Foundations Law engagements

June 10, 2021
Virtual Meeting

Foundations Law engagements

The Foundations Law Engagements

The purpose of this project is to look at the current state of Kenyan law as it relates to trusts and foundations with a view to recommending changes to the law that would enable trusts and foundations created in Kenya to meet the following objectives:

  1. a) Encourage public confidence in trusts and foundations as tools of philanthropy and wealth management.
  2. b) Enhance internal governance trusts and foundations.
  3. c) Align and synergise the regulation of trusts and foundations.
  4. d) Update registration requirements so as to provide assurance to regulators while at the same time reducing non-essential bureaucracy.
  5. e) Encourage re-patriation of private wealth.
  6. f) Align the Trust and Foundation legislation with best practices around the world.