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Full Membership include grant-making organizations with legal presence in East Africa. Member organizations should have made grants through an open and transparent process to at least five organizations each year.

Membership Plan: $ 1000
Paid Annually.
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Full Member Benefits

Our full members in addition to affiliate membership benefits enjoy the following benefits :

Opportunity to engage with the philanthropic sector on a regional scale, to build awareness and help to advocate for change, and to build your institutional capacity and the sector capacity at large.

Participate in tailored events, which include a variety of capacity building workshops, seminars, webinars, and masterclasses geared towards developing your organization’s professional capacity and informing you on sector trends and innovations..

Co-creation opportunity at the Bi-annual East Africa Regional Conference which is our flagship event and the most influential philanthropy conferences in the region and focuses on specific themes within the sector, all geared towards building a stronger and more strategic philanthropic sector. Access discounted rates for prime exhibition space at the Bi-annual Regional Philanthropy Conference

Exclusive use of EAPN Logo identifying you as a member of the Network and the privilege to represent EAPN at different forums, as well as opportunity to serve on the EAPN Board  of Directors

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