Membership Benefits

Members of the network including board members and staff enjoy such benefits as:


Gain access to our signature events, Bi- annual conference that connects over 200 trusts, foundations, CSOs and guests from across the region to hear expert speakers, share strategies and tactics, network and enjoy each other’s company.

Join National Philanthropy Forums who host constituency-based meetings, peer based, sector based, program based or needs based. These forums provide a rare chance to dig deep with your colleagues about issues affecting philanthropic efforts.

Enjoy Membership Days, opportunity to explicitly network with members, potential members, partners, the board and secretariat.


Join country and regional advocacy teams to influence governments and the East Africa Community on relevant legal and policy reforms.

Move the sector forward by shaping and guiding legislation through knowledge generation, research and studies  and influencing policies that help our members achieve their missions.

Engage in advocacy work to secure better legislation and regulatory frameworks to promote the culture of giving and broker strategic alliances or linkages with government, policymakers and private sector for joint programming, co-creation learning and influencing.


Join our capacity strengthening platforms on resource mobilization and philanthropy: innovative models, solutions and thought leadership.

Access  executive training programs, opportunities for leadership development, professional growth and capacity building.

Get Supported to improve  models, mechanisms and systems for resource mobilization as well as access to tools for sustainability and greater accountability and transparency.


Engage with the sector at the regional scale, build awareness, institutional capacity and contribute to the sector at large.

Participate and benefit from tailored events building on the leadership of member organizations.

Opportunity to co-create at the bi-annual flagship conference and EAPA awards events.

Become eligible to serve on the EAPN Board of Directors, as well leadership committees.

Get discounted rates for exhibition space in the EAPN Bi-annual conference.

Opportunity to represent EAPN at important convening, and use of the Network's logo which identifies you as a member of the East Africa Philanthropy Support network.

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