East Africa Philanthropy Conference

The 7th East Africa Philanthropy Conference is Themed “Re-engineering Philanthropy.” This is a call to the philanthropy ecosystem in East Africa to redesign its philanthropy processes and systems to improve collaborative efforts, and achieve improvement in the sector’s performance and impact in the East Africa Region. The 2021 conference is an opportunity for an in-depth look at innovation and philanthropy post crisis; focused on building a resilient philanthropy, that can recover; re-learn and thrive at the next level of development.
The conference will adopt an approach that (i) promotes sector reflection and (ii) allows philanthropy actors to collaborate amongst themselves and other experts to help them grow their philanthropy initiatives and improve their professional lives.  The 7th conference will focus on supporting practitioners and industry players in:  Building Resilience: Focused on enabling philanthropy actors to align to changes in the philanthropy ecosystem and climate.  Ensuring Relevance: Establishing innovations that fit and adapt to new realities of philanthropy.   Enabling Environment: Escalating the call for reforms in the policy and legislative frameworks that govern philanthropy.  

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