EAPN strives to contribute to existence of an enabling environment for local philanthropy to thrive. This includes pushing for a conducive legal and policy environment and institutional regimes that enable local philanthropy to thrive. In addition, adoption of best practices in philanthropy, facilitating strategic partnerships that enable leveraging resources and opportunities for philanthropy, strengthening media capacity and relations to effectively report on philanthropy, local giving and grant making and capacity development of philanthropy actors to effectively apply best practices.

Program activities

Strengthening Civic Space

To strengthen the policy and legislative framework in Uganda and Tanzania, EAPN has worked with strategic partners to revive and strengthen the National Philanthropy Forums which would then be a voice of influence and advocacy for an enabling environment for the philanthropy sector and broader civic space.

In Kenya, EAPN and Kenya Community Development Fund (KCDF) have laid a strong foundation towards formulation of Foundation’s Law whose main aim is to look at the current state of Kenyan law as it relates to trusts and foundations with a view to recommending changes to the law. Further, EAPN together with other key civil society actors, initiated discussions on implementation of the Public Benefits Organizations (PBO) Act2013 with the main objective of bringing other non-traditional actors to create a critical mass in the lobbying and advocacy for the operationalization of theAct.

Building Knowledge for Enabling Environment