Knowledge Management

Knowledge management focuses on strengthening data management and application, research, communities of practice through engagement platforms such as conferences, peer-learning platforms, givers lounge among other forums. Various communities of practice are facilitated including supporting the creation and adoption of accountability standards, promoting community philanthropy, strengthening capacity development programs such as  leadership masterclasses while ensuring adoption of best practices towards a vibrant sector.

Program Activities

Data Management

Increased data collection and uptake by the sector and ensure strategic use for engagement with key stakeholders to enable foundations demonstrate the impact of their work and use data to inform policy processes, decision making and resource mobilization. Identify strategic partners to enhance the impact of work and increase participation of local trusts and foundations in the national philanthropy forum data groups in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, strengthening the sector’s capacity to manage and share data through  the East Africa Data Portal.

Research Activities

Undertake various research studies to inform the sector on trends and practices, policy and advocacy issues and adaptations occasioned by various political and socio-economic constraints required by the philanthropy sector. Encourage organizations to adopt sustainable practices and integrate best practices into their operations. 

Communities of Practice

Facilitate a mix of networking and knowledge sharing platforms that reflect the changing context in actors, issues, practices and policies. The platform referred to as ‘Communities of Practice” is intentional in respect to their projected value with specific objectives to:
- Provide a structures platform for sharing and learning
- Provide a platform for co-creation and collaboration
- Generate knowledge on best practices in philanthropy
- Provide an opportunity for members to share their experiences
- Enrich the value proposition for membership recruitment
- Enhance networking among philanthropy actors